Pre-Orientation Service Experience (P.O.S.E.)

The RISD Pre-Orientation Service Experience (P.O.S.E.) is an intensive five-day program for incoming freshmen to engage with the community around campus.  P.O.S.E. exists to  break the RISD bubble, the idea that students can become stuck in an inward-looking culture in college and become apathetic to the needs and opportunities of the world around them.  P.O.S.E. cultivates an interest in people and places outside of RISD, leading students into a rich college experience that involves active participation beyond RISD walls.

The mission of P.O.S.E. is to continue a tradition of service integrated into RISD’s overall co-curricular culture. P.O.S.E. introduces students to long-term volunteer and leadership opportunities that exist both at RISD and in the local community.  This program is a great chance for freshmen to meet new people, become exposed to Rhode Island right from the start of their college career, and make a true lasting impact on the local community.


Applying for P.O.S.E.

Participants accepted into the program must attend all required activities during P.O.S.E. week.  

Due to an overlap with the International Student Orientation and the Brown-RISD Dual Degree orientation, we are unable to offer this program to international students and incoming BRDD students.  We encourage all students to get involved in our diverse array of annual programming throughout the remainder of the year. 

 Click here for the POSE application. The application due date is Monday, June 27, 2016. 

Applications will be reviewed during a 1-2 week period after the deadline. 

On average, we are able to accept about 65-70% of applicants. 


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