Meet Your Orientation Leaders

Orientation Leaders (OLs)  are your guides through New Student Orientation.  Students themselves, OLs are experts on the RISD experience and will answer your questions, offer advice, and help you make RISD your own.   



Som Bhatt (IOL)

Graphic Desig, 2017



I am a late-sleeper with a big appetite. I like to cook, make books, watch scary you tube videos, get manicures and write about my life. @mohenjodaro follow me on my Instagram. Here to help/answer your questions/ make you feel very welcome.


Anabeth Bostrup (OL)

Illustration, 2019

Ridgefield, Connecticut


Hi! I’m a rising sophomore in illustration! I’m originally from western Connecticut and went to Convent of the Sacred Heart for high school as well as attended RISD’s pre-college program before my senior year. Being from New England, I love spending time outside with my dog and going for runs through Providence during breaks between studios when the weather is nice! I love all things related to desserts, Beatrix Potter, stickers, leather jackets and the occasional motorcycle. Some of my favorite movies are Stardust, the Princess Bride, and Indiana Jones. When it comes to doing homework at night and during the weekend, you can always find me either blasting new songs on Spotify or wrapped up in an episode of Cutthroat Kitchen on Food Network. This semester I’m looking forward to expanding my knowledge of new mediums, but some of my favorite materials to work in already are gouache, pencil and ink. I can’t wait to meet everyone this fall and I’m looking forward to being able to share what incredible things RISD has to offer beyond the long treks up the hill and perpetually being covered in charcoal!


Vaughan Lewis Carman (SOL)

Apparel, 2018

Franklin Township, New Jersey


My name is Vaughan Lewis Carman and I am an apparel major from Franklin Township, New Jersey. I grew up in the country, so I really enjoy anything outdoors. I like mountain biking, basketball, baseball, football, soccer, hockey, curling, swimming... (I think you get it, I like sports a lot). I love all types of music but I'd have to say my favorite artists out right now are Vic Mensa, Tyler the Creator, London O'Connor and the rap group Brockhampton. I've been making custom vans since I was a sophomore in high school and it's definitely something I would want to do forever. My dream is to just be able to make the work I want forever, whether it'd be large scale murals, making clothing or designing shoes or somehow collaborating with musicians in some way. If I could go anywhere in the world right now, I'd go to Fiji, because it's Fiji, it looks so sweet. I'm super goofy. I think I like cream cheese more than the average person. I'm a firm believer in the power of everyday kindness. Fun fact, I've torn my ACL 3 times!, Yes! 3! All playing basketball. At RISD I play/ manage for the RISD Balls Basketball team, I'm a teacher's assistant, and am Vice President of the Student Alliance. Can't wait to meet all y'all. (IIIIIIIIITS LIIIIIIIIIIT)(*its lit)


Tiffany Chiu (OL) 
Illustration, 2019
Toronto, ON, Canada

Hmmm, you'll find out. Be excited. 


Cody Chu (IOL)

Industrial Design, 2017

New York

 I'm an Asian American who grew up in New York but went to Taiwan for highschool. I speak fluent mandarin and English. Hopefully we can be friends?


Alyssa Colon (SIOL)

Industrial Desig, 2018

The Bronx, New York


Life is an adventure and I'm out to make the most of it. I love people, and FOOD, and have found the secret to world peace: bring people and food together.


Michael Coyle (SOL)

Architecture, 2017

San Antonio, Texas


Hey freshman! Name's Michael. I will be in my 5th yearn in the architecture department next year and will be one of your SOL's (it's like an OL but better.) I was born in Syracuse, NY but grew up in San Antonio, Texas. I am the youngest of two older siblings and this will be my fourth year doing orientation. What are some other stuff you need to know? Well let's see. I have been known to dabble in the performing arts (i.e. theatre and choir). I play guitar, and my dream job would be to one day work for Lego. Still want more? My favorite book is Oh The Places You'll Go. I prefer dogs to cats. "I like baseball, movies, good clothes, fast cars" quoting movies, "and you" what else would you need to know? If you think of something, ask me when you get here, till then, congrats and welcome to the RISD family.



Glory Dang (OL) 
Industrial Design, 2019,
San Jose, CA

I grew up in sunny and bright San Jose, California, where the sun never stops shining. I am bubbly and I try to be funny, but most of the time I'm not. I love exploring new places and learning about people. I've dabbled in skateboarding, snowangel-making, and mushroom foraging — none that I am a master of. In cold Providence winter days, you can find me layered up in my room, drinking tea and drawing bananas. I can wait to meet you all, but I'll be really really really excited when the time comes. We're gonna go on ADVENTURES. !!!


Dylan Trumble Davis (OL)

Sculpture, 2019

Hopkinton MA

'll be a Sophomore in Sculpture in the fall and i'm stoked to be an Orientation Leader!! Sculpture really embodies everything i do but i love skateboarding, i'm a trained dancer in a handful of different styles, i love to go camping and drink a ton of coffee. I've played in a bunch of bands that would play shows all over the Boston area so i'm always down to play music with anybody who wants to jam! I make really really big sculptures some as tall as 10 ft so i know a lot about storage and the difficulty of dealing with organizing really big materials. But yeah its gonna be rad year and i'm excited to be kicking it off with being an Orientation Leader and meeting so many new people!!


Bilan DeDonato (OL)
Textiles, 2018

I was raised in the middle of no where Connecticut. I am Chinese ethnically, have an American nationality, and have an Italian heritage. I grew up loving Pokemon and cooking. My favorite meal is my grandma's mac and cheese and just about anything with pasta. Besides eating and art, I play ultimate frisbee (insert shameless plug for F[risdee] here), soccer, and am currently in an ongoing struggle to finish Dante's Divine Comedy. I also love long walks on the beach and all I want is world peace. 


Sonya Fayzieva (SIOL)

FAV, 2018

Moscow, Russia

I love languages! I currently speak 5 languages, and want to learn more. My favorite way to get to know someone is to ask them about their mother tongue. It's amazing how people open up when they are talking about something that is dear to them. I am proud to be an international student and represent my culture on the RISD campus. I have a weakness for sweets, especially skittles.


Harrison Fishman (OL)
Sculpture, 2019

I have dreams about flying every night, I wake up yelling every morning, and I love to be the little spoon. 


Quintin Harris (OL)
Film Animation Video, 2019
Cranston, Rhode Island

I am currently a sophomore in Film animation video. I am generally a loud happy person!



Clare Jessey (SOL)

Industrial Desig, 2018

Washington DC



I am passionate about people, life and design. I was born in Bogota, Colombia and grew up right outside of the nation's capital! I am a risk taker mentally and physically, I love to challenge myself and skydive! My favorite color is Orange Pantone 021C, I can juggle and do magic card tricks and I am good at generating clever puns!



Emily Kao (IOL)

Interior Design, 2017



Born in Toledo Ohio, grew up in Taiwan! Proud third-culture kid. I can't wait to share with you the secrets of RISD!


Pezanne Khambatta (SIOL)

Industrial Design, 2017

Mumbai, India


I was born and raised in Mumbai, India. This is my third time being in orientation, which means I must be really good at this now ;) . I enjoy routine workouts, photography, ice skating, bubble tea and watching Apple's live keynote speeches. My biggest weakness is this Mexican restaurant called Bajas (a 6 minute walk from my place) since I eat their burritos almost every 2 days - My friends think I have a problem but hey, Burrito.


Andrew Kim (IOL)
Apparel, 2019
Chicago/ Seoul

In my spare time I love to eat waffles, walk in the rain, and take naps in the strangest locations. 


Hannah Kim (OL)
Film Animation Video, 2018
La Canada, CA


I am fond of video games and ramen, and I am capable of finishing novels within one sitting (if given the time ;P). My love of art and RISD is only exceeded by the love I have for my dog and sleeping. 


Luchcha (Angel) Lam (SIOL)
Film/Animation/Video, 2018
Bangkok, Thailand


I love Disney, Pixar and every animation. I am interested in mathematics, technology and how they inspire or collaborate with art. I will easily be fascinated by almost everything because I enjoy learning about new things. I am obsessed with dogs and fluffy things. My ultimate goal in life is to meet a real life Winnie the Pooh. I am always happy and laughing is my daily workout. Other than that I love frisbee, badminton and everything sweet! I will mostly say yes to everything fun. I live with the quote: "if you can dream, you can do it." -Walt Disney


Jonathan Le (OL)
Illustration, 2018
Los Angeles, California


If I could be reborn I would be a cat. I am passionate about social issues, collecting charming knick-knacks, and maintaining a skincare routine. Somehow, I always manage to lose my earphones and umbrellas. (please alert me if you find them) 


Ja Yoon Lee (OL)

Graphic Design, 2019



I have declared Graphic Design as my major, and although I do not have any specific ideas of what I want to do with it, I am so excited to major in it. I like talking to people, in both Korean and English, but I sometimes pronounce both language incorrectly, so please understand if I take my time during a sentence. I am also a huge foodie, and one of the topics that I get overly excited about. Lastly, if you need me, look for the girl who kinda looks like the pastel purple mouse character from Spirited Away. Thank you!:)



Kay Liang (OL)

Illustration, 2019

Toronto, Guangzhou and Beijing


I'm not amused by my confusion. But I guess it's good for me.


Hey-Young Lim (IOL)

Architecture, 2019

South Korea


Feel free to come ask me anything about food or where to eat, I'll always be open to enlighten you with my unlimited knowledge on restaurants in Rhode Island, and even Boston and New York!!!


Daniela Longoria (IOL)
Interior Architecture, 2017


I am Mexican, born and raised and transferred into RISD a year ago. Addicted to dark chocolate. Used to be a cat person, but now like dogs a little better... they grew on me. I could tell you about my interests but they vary immensely and by seasons. 


Kirthank Manivannan (SIOL)

Graphic Design, 2018

Kobe, Japan


Hi! I'm Kirthank, an SIOL from Japan (though I'm ethnically Indian). I was an IOL last year. I've had more nicknames then I can keep track of, and people refer to me as Kirt pretty often. Besides doing graphic design, I enjoy hanging out with friends, playing sports for fun, illustrating, and more. If you ever have any questions I'm more than willing to help out! I don't have much else to say besides welcome to RISD!!


Megan Molina (OL)

Illustration, 2019

Union, New Jersey


I am a bright, sassy Cuban-New Jerseyan. I cannot live without Coca Cola- my favorite beverage! You can usually find me hidden under blankets watching tv shows on netflix while eating popcorn. I can act like an adult, but truly, I am just a big baby inside. I sneeze like a 5 year old and snort when I laugh. When I have my own house I will have a shrine dedicated to myself. I am brilliant. I am excited to meet you all and get to know you! See you soon!


Paul Meuser (OL)

Illustration, 2019

Berlin, Germany


People say I am a very jolly person. I try and always "live on the bright side of life:)." I feel like I am a small child in a big body. With a positive attitude life i just more fun in my opinion. My friends say I am their motivator and always try and make everyone feel energized and happy.


Max McInnis (IOL)
Furniture, 2018


I am a performer/ designer dedicated to the theater! Also I love candy!


Meghna Nayak (OL)
Industrial Design, 2018


I'm a rising Junior in ID. I'm leaning towards toy design, or design for children in general. Outside of art and design, I love good baking and bad jokes.

Hit me up for (mostly) unbiased coffee shop recommendations, where to find the best flannel, met hacks and, of course, anything you want to know about RISD and Providence.

Welcome to RISD, you're going to love it here


Ryan Anh Nguyen (OL)
Graphic Design, 2019

Hey hey hey hey hey I’ll be majoring in Graphic Design this upcoming Fall! I was born in Saigon, Vietnam but I’ve been living in Texas since I was 10. I met some of my closest friends here at RISD during my orientation so I hope you will find yours too! I love my orientation week at RISD so I want to re-create the same experience for the YOOUUU. g e t p u m p e d ! 


Brian Oakes (OL)
Sculpture, 2018
Harrington Park, New Jersey


I am Co-President of the RISD/ Brown STEAM team as well as President RISDIO. Want to talk about cutting edge technology and artificial intelligence mopping your floor and selling you magazines? Into it! Want to talk about coding, 3d printing and/or laser cutting as a fine arts medium? Into it! 


Lauren Oh (OL)
Textiles, 2019
Seoul, South Korea


Hi! I'm a huge fan of puns and good food, namely deserts. When I'm not eating savory snacks, I watch cartoons, old films, and cinematic masterpieces like Space Jam and Over the Garden Wall. I live in Seoul, South Korea and like to go out traveling all over. I'm excited to share corny jokes and movie recomendations as an orientation leader!


Christian Palacios (OL)
Illustration, 2018
Miami, FL


I love telling stories and joking with people. Also, aside from art, if you enjoy talking about comics, video games, or even playing tennis but need a player for a game, I'm your guy.


Christina Qi (OL)
Illustration, 2019
Hong Kong


WELCOME TO RISD!! I’m so excited to be your OL and look forward to seeing you guys even after orientation is all done and over with. I’m a rising sophomore in Illustration from Hong Kong and I hope to make your entry to RISD a super chill good vibes time. Talk to me about literature, food and video games.

Quotes from friends who wanted to write this for me: “Christina was in every scene of Zootopia. She was the giraffes” “noodle” “You ride to class on 60,000 bees” “Her puns are really _” “Full scholarship if you get rid of her” “If you don’t explain the extent of it they won’t get the liking poetry thing” “This is so out of context but it gives ~character~” 


Natnaree Ruethaivanich (SIOL)

Architecture, 2019

Bangkok, Thailand

Hi!! I spent most of my childhood growing up in Hong Kong, and then moved to Singapore before returning to my home country, Thailand! I'll be a Junior in Architecture this year, but I'm still a newbie because I recently switched majors. I love breakfast food and if I could be any superhero, I would want to be flash because I'm a very slow and lethargic creature. I like to think of my current self as going through the life like a slug taking long glides on the beach, but don't get me wrong, being slow and patient has its merits too! I love meeting new people so if you see me around at orientation, come up and say hi! I'm so excited to meet you all and welcome you to RISD!


Daniel Salazar (IOL)
Film Animation Video, 2018
Mexico City


I am optimistic and cheerful most of the time and like to meet new people. I enjoy animating and designing characters a lot. In addition I love music and compose in my free time.  


Jenna Seo (OL)
Textiles, 2018
Southern California


Coming all the way to the east coast from the west coast was quite daunting and I came into Risd feeling nervous and scared but my experience has been an amazing one so far. A lot of that has to do with the people I have met and the experiences I have made with my fellow classmates. I hope to help even more people have similar experiences that I was lucky enough to have and meet new people along the way!


Jacqueline Silva (OL)
Graphic Design, 2017
Peabody, Massachusetts


My name is Jacqueline (say it the French way) and I love yoga, meditation, crystals, cutting my own bangs, Kermit the frog impressions, and sun butter. Ask me questions about Vinyasa yoga, graphic design, Tegan and Sara, or why I love Providence and you won't be able to shut me up. 


Ken Sudradjat (IOL)
Illustration, 2018


Hey  I'm originally from Indonesia but I've lived most of my life in Taiwan. Other than art, I have an intense passion for: dance, food, caffeinated drinks and corgis. I also run a hip hop dance studio class in our very own student fitness center [SAT 2-4pm :)] this year I'll be a returning IOL, and I'm mostly excited to see all the freshies of class of 2020!


Tasnima Tanzim (OL)
Graphic Design, 2019
New York/ Bangladesh


I'I'm a transfer student and after only my first year here I have a sort of pride for this school that I cannot even understand. I am working constantly and spending all my time at studio, and even though it's tough and frustrating a lot of the times I am growing into the person I wanted to become all my life. The people here are the kinds of people I want to surround myself around even after my time here at RISD. All I can say is that I'm starting to find myself after becoming a RISD student, so I can't say much about myself. I am still discovering who I want to be. 


Khue Truong (IOL)
Interior Architecture, 2018
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Beside Interior Architecture, I love traveling, hanging out, and (more domestically) baking. Have a healthy fetish for seasoned popcorn. Can cook Vietnamese food (but never made pho before). Can dance crazily and confusingly whenever needed. Favorite place in Providence so far are Tealuxe, Creperie, and Kabob and Curry. Bubble tea runs in my blood. I'm not afraid to fail. Have faith in humanity, love to see things on the bright side. 


Luis Unda (OL)
Painting, 2019


Hey! my name is Luis and I am from Mexico! I am a rising sophomore in painting, and I am super excited to be and IOL this year. My favorite things are stealing my friends' food, hiking, and obviously painting (I also enjoy pretending to exercise). I am here to help anyone with whatever questions/concerns y'all may have or even just to talk. I can't wait to meet all of you!


Yong Wang (IOL)
Industrial Design, 2018
Shanghai, China



Hi! I am a junior in industrial design. Making things is always a passion in my life! I enjoy traveling, reading gaming, visiting new food places and collecting beer bottle caps......I am also a cyclist who put RISD cycling's sticker all over my room. Life goes on, keep pedaling.


Clayton Wiggers (OL)
Industrial Design, 2018
Old Tappan, New Jersey


Go, do and see are three words I like to live by. I am in my junior year majoring in Industrial Design. Mountain biking, long boarding, running, playing soccer and hanging out with friends are what I like to do in my spare time. Travel is a new passion of mine including trips to Rome, Lake Louise, Guanacaste and most recently Tokyo.


Lizzie Wright (OL)

Industrial Design, 2018

Falls Church, VA


Yo. I'm Lizzie. I like cats, bikes, dancing, and coffee. Let's be friends.


Cherry Yang (IOL)

Architecture, 2020

Auckland, New Zealand


Hello! I am a Made-In-China Kiwi, studying in the US to figure out how to design a building that won't fall down. I play the saxophone and piano, and can pretend to speak French if I really tried. Like just about everyone else here at RISD, I am friendly and approachable and sometimes can be overly enthusiastic and I CAN. NOT. WAIT. TO. MEET. YOU!!!!!!!! Welcome to RISD.


Hannah Yi (OL)
Film Animation Video, 2019
Atlanta, Georgia


I'm a 5''5 Korean girl who was born in the states. I absolutely love RISD and meeting new people. I'm a fanatic for food and retail therapy. Sometimes I become a workaholic and forget to sleep.
However, fun is what I live for. Thanks for the wonderful opportunity!


Helen Yu (IOL)

Illustration/FA, 2019

Vancouver, Canada / Shanghai, China


Hey incoming freshmen! I'm Helen. I'm a Chinese Canadian born in Shanghai, but lived in Vancouver for many years. I love to play dress up with my friends and take photos; I love music: I listen to alternative, chill, house, hip-hop, edm, etc; I play piano, flute, and I'm a part of the Brown Orchestra; I love traveling (favorite places i've been to: Tokyo, Santorini, Rome). I'm a member of the Chinese Student Association here at RISD. Also, I look like an old man when I laugh :)))) I can look super intimidating (i get that a lot?!? idk why) but i swear im not!! Approach me and I will give you free kisses (hersheys kisses k idk what you were expecting). I cant wait to have some k00l & ch1ll tyme5 with yall! :) Ps. check out for some (nice) 4RT!