The best way to learn about life at RISD is with the help of older students who have volunteered as Orientation Leaders (OLs) to make your first days on campus as great as the rest that will follow. Learn about your OLs below, then feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns you have about college and life at RISD.


Super International Orientation Leaders


Christina Chang

Painting 2015

Congratulations and welcome!  My name is Christina (full name: Bo Yoon Christina Chang) and I am a junior in Painting (class of 2015). I was born in Korea but grew up in Hong Kong and Malaysia. My interests are composing bad/weird music, baking in the sun and making art! :) And I love color.


Irin Chitman

Graphic Design 2015

Hello! My name is Irin and I am originally from Bangkok, Thailand (the Land of Smile and lots and lots of good food). I lived in Singapore and Washington DC for bits of my life. I am cursed with a "lost puppy" look permanently plastered on my face, but don't worry. I am not actually lost! My hobbies are eating, watching movie, and more eating. My alter-ego nationality is Korean-German. (My guilty pleasure is K-Drama. And Let's just say the German National Soccer Team and I have a long-term relationship since the 2006 World Cup.)



Denise Lee

Furniture Design 2014


I am a junior in Furniture Design, and I was born in the states, but my parents are from Taiwan, which I visit often, and I grew up in Hong Kong. I love travelling, biking, scuba diving, learning various instruments and languages, trying mysterious food, staring at the sea and spinning around in typhoons. RISD has allowed me to see things in different ways, meet so many different amazing people and overcome many of my hold-ups, so being here has become an irreplaceable experience in my life. I hope that the same will hold true for everyone coming this year, and that I can help your transition in any way possible! Also, please watch out for people dressed in hot pink at the block party!


Xinru Liu

Architecture 2015

Interests: film, reading, cooking, traveling and recently trying to learn whistling. This is Xin from China! I'm a junior Architecture student. This is my second year being an international orientation leader because I'm addicted to this job! All the international students are quite amazing at RISD and I would love to introduce this community to you and share the multicultural experience with you! As an international student, I hope my personal experience can help you adapt to RISD and Providence! If you have any questions and any concerns about RISD/ RISD life, please feel free to contact me during the summer! BTW, anyone know any tips on whistling? I'm trying hard to learn it!


International Orientation Leaders


Jae Hee Han

Painting 2015


I was born in Seoul, Korea, and spent about 2/3 of my life in various areas of Korea. Other than that I spent a year or two respectively, in Myanmar, Idaho(which is, really, a nation of its own) and Egypt. I'm somewhat of a book addict('Never Let Me Go' by Kazuo Ishiguro was the best three hundred pages I have seen for a while), thoroughly practiced in manga and anime, spent two years in the Korean Army, and yet a Badfinger fan. This may not be of everyone's interest, but I am proudly adept at being frugal.


Marina Aldarondo

Industrial Design 2016

Hi everyone! My name is Marina Aldarondo and I was born and raised in the little island of Puerto Rico. I have always been very loud and expressive about everything, but I guess it comes with the Latino territory. I LOVE “getting my tan on” at the beach (and the RISD beach), playing guitar and violin, and eating good food. For all of you who need a fellow Spanish-speaking person around campus, feel free to talk to me anytime.  I have to say that coming to RISD has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life. You meet so many wonderful people from across the globe, with whom you get to share your personality and your art. I hope you have a great orientation experience, and a rewarding year!



Yulia Gusarova

Architecture 2016 

Born in Moscow, Russia, I had a sports school education and was on the rhythmic gymnastics team for the biggest part of my life. However, before Russia made me into a melancholic and gruesome beast, I managed to leave the country to go study at an American boarding school in Europe, which was the most amazing opportunity I had ever had before coming to RISD. Now I am simply obsessed with the one dream of becoming an architect, and therefore I’ll not sleep until that’s done.


WonBee Hwang

Illustration 2016

Hi, this is WonBee Hwang :)  I had lived in South Korea before I came to RISD, so, actually, I am still trying to adapt in life in the US too. But I do understand some people who come to the US for the first time or are not really familiar with life in the US would be sometimes frustrated about their new life. So tell me about your concerns and I will listen and help with pleasure. I have experienced RISD life for one year, so I hope I can help  with it. I love animals, especially dogs. And I really like to eat delicious food. That is why I got freshmen-15 (actually more than 15 pounds for me), which is a rumor in RISD lol. I love but hate RISD's unlimited meal plan (haha). And, I am interested in music a LOT. I like instruments, singing and dancing, so I love to watch musicals, plays or movies :D!



Kat Jia

Illustration 2015

Hi, this is Kat. Junior in Illustration. I spent my childhood in Beijing, China, and my teenage years in California. All member of my family are engineers, so I'm the odd ball who wandered into the art world. Besides visual art I love cooking, dancing and watching anime. I'm excited to meet you at RISD.



Richa Kejriwal

Graphic Design 2015

Hey! I'm Richa and I am a Junior in Graphic Design. I love meeting new people and talking (sometimes too much!) and traveling. I am obsessed with movie marathons and crepes. I have a signature dish in every RISD café (honestly!). I enjoy eating different cuisines and almost all sugar products. I spend ridiculous amounts of time on YouTube and other blogs. I love trekking and camping, especially when it involves s'mores. Living in Providence by the ocean, my new goal is to learn how to sail. I look forward to awesome year ahead and meeting all of you!


Jia Lee

Graphic Design 2014

Hi there! I'm Jia (say gee-ah!) and I'm a junior in Graphic Design. I'm from the sunny island of Singapore, which is pretty much as far as you can get from Providence. My favorite things to do in RISD include para-sailing down College Hill with large pieces of paper and munching on an everything bagel while brainstorming new ways to do mundane things. (How about a water fountain bottle-filling extension?) I believe that life should be lived as vivaciously as possible and that tea bags should be dipped no more than twelve times. I'm also very passionate about community service and love to find ways for RISD students to care about their community. RISD is an experience beyond description and I can't wait for you to be part of it!



Joanne Lin

Film/Animation/Video 2016

Hi! my name is Joanne Lin! I come from Taiwan, and I am a Film/Animation/Video (FAV) major in the class 2016. My interest is drawing, watching movies, reading novels and monga, I am also a cat maniac. All are welcome to share cute kitties photos with me!! Looking forward to seeing everyone soon:)


Emily Pun

Interior Architecture
Photography 2017

Hello there! I am Emily Pun! Born in Malaysia, lived in Hong Kong. Oriental reppin. Anyone from southeast Asia please give me a shout! I am happy to be at service for story sharing. Because majoring in one subject is not death already, I am double majoring in Interior Architecture and Photography and hopefully will be graduating in 2017. Freshman year has been a roller coaster and definitely something to be mentally and physically prepared for. My future pets are polar bears, penguins, hedgehogs, ferrets and foxes. Domesticated pets are boring. And don't ever wear boring socks, unless you are gonna have a boring day.



Samuel Rosenberg

Furniture  Design 2016

It is easy to keep me both entertained and happy. Be it a bad movie or a silly joke, it does not take a lot to get me excited. This sometimes means that I become passionate about something and then quickly lose interest or become passionate about something else; however, this does give me a lot to talk about, being interested in a wide variety of disciplines and modes of thought. I enjoy long walks when I get the chance to take them. I like to know about the places I am at. I have walked all around Providence and know the area well,  I have next to no shame. My friends tell me I embarrass them occasionally, like when I am forward with a complete stranger, but this quality has seemed to work out for me so far; I get to meet new people all the time, which is perfect for me.



Tara Sriram

Industrial Design 2015

My name is Tara Sriram, and I'm currently a junior in Industrial Design. I'm from the wonderful city of Mumbai, India, and yes, my head does bobble occasionally when I talk. My interests include food fusion experiments, taking apart things and not necessarily being able to put them back together, and bad card tricks. Congratulations on making it this far; the insanity is just beginning!