September 1-5, 2014

RISD Pre-Orientation Service Experience (P.O.S.E.) is an intensive 4-day program for incoming freshmen to
engage with the community around campus and break the RISD bubble! The RISD bubble is the idea that
students can become stuck in an inward-looking culture at school and become apathetic to the needs of the
world around them. P.O.S.E. exists to instill an interest in people and places outside of RISD, leading students
into a rich college experience that involves active participation beyond RISD walls. The goal is to equip proactive students who are interested in learning about Providence and various service opportunities.
The mission of P.O.S.E. is to continue a tradition of service that will ultimately become integrated into RISD’s
overall co-curricular culture. P.O.S.E. introduces students to long-term volunteer opportunities that exist both
at RISD and in the local community. This program is a great chance for freshmen to meet new people, become exposed to Rhode Island right from the start of their college career, and make a true lasting impact on the local community. Last year 37 incoming freshmen participated in the P.O.S.E. Program and completed a collective 2000+ hours of service. We look forward to having you join P.O.S.E. 2014! Applications will be will be available in June, so stay tuned. For questions, email